Nerf Atom Blaster

Nerf Atom Blaster

Nerf Atom Blaster Quick Facts

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Series:Ball Blasters
Ammo capacity:1 ball
Range:20-25 feet
Released: Unknown

The Nerf Atom Blaster is my personal favorite ball blaster. From an aesthetic perspective, the colors and shape work very well together, combining for a completely unique look.

The Atom Blaster also feels a lot sturdier than a lot of the Nerf guns released in the last couple years, and you get the impression that the spring inside is a monster.

While the range isn’t as good as you’ll get out of battery operated ball blasters like the Nerf Buzzsaw, the 20-25 foot range you’ll get out of the Atom Blaster is very solid for a spring operated ball gun.

As for accuracy, ball guns will never be pinpoint, but the Atom Blaster seems about as accurate as you can get given the imperfections of the ammo.

The only real drawback to the Nerf Atom Blaster is the ammo restriction — you have to load the balls one at a time, which can be a hindrance in a war. Obviously, with a gun this small, space is always an issue, so it’s understandable that you can only load one ball at once. You wouldn’t really want to use a ball gun in a war anyway, and the real purpose of the Atom Blaster is just to have fun.

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JonNovember 29, 2010 at 12:27 am

I’m really interested in purchasing this gun. It’s a nightmare trying to find one. Anyone know where I can get one?


johnApril 1, 2011 at 6:23 pm

try amazon


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