Nerf Autogrip

Nerf Autogrip

Nerf Autogrip Quick Facts

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Series: Cyberstrike Guns
Ammo capacity: 1 dart
Range: 25-30 feet
Released: 1996

The Nerf Autogrip is a pretty mediocre dart blaster.

In the likely event that your brain isnt putting together how the above picture is a blaster (it looks more like an attachment), Ill explain it to you.

Look right above the orange ring. Yup, thats the Autogrips trigger. So what you have to do is hold the weapon with your right hand, and pull the ring away from your body to cock the gun, making this an amazingly awkward two-handed Nerf blaster.

Hmmno thanks.

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Merovingian November 22, 2009 at 4:53 pm

You forgot to add that the guns primary selling point is its ability to be recessed.
In its recessed state, the gun is exactly like the picture, but flip the gun 180 degrees counterclockwise. Theres a pin mechanism that holds it in place. The pin looks like you have to pull it with your other hand, but a bit of practice and you can flip the gun up with the hand Autogtip is on.

My biggest complaints is that the gun can ONLY be on the right arm. Sorry lefties.
The gun is meant to be a one-shot sidearm. I know it can hold 2 more dtarts, but really, youre only going to use the 2 extra darts for guns that are accurate to more than 15 feet.


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