Nerf Blast a Ball

Nerf Blast a Ball

Nerf Blast a Ball Quick Facts

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Series:Original Nerf
Ammo capacity:1 ball
Range:35-40 feet
Released: 1989

nerf blast a ball

First things first: The Nerf Blast a Ball was loud. REALLY loud. To operate the thing, you first had to jam a ball into the end of it (not always easy to do with small hands). Then you had to pull back the handle and push it forward as fast as you could, and the air pressure would send the ball flying forward like nothing else you’ve ever seen.

As you can imagine, getting ambushed by the blast a ball when you weren’t expecting it — well — the sound of the ball coming out of that tube was enough to Nerf Blast Your Pants.

Something else needs to be made clear for those who were never on the receiving end of a Nerf Blast a Ball. These balls…they weren’t quite golf balls, but damnit, they weren’t far off, either. I had bruises, I tell you.

Big ones.

Anyway, the Nerf Blast a Ball was the first weapon that Nerf ever made, which means it was the first Nerf weapon I ever tortured my brothers with.

Thanks, Nerf, for the I Win button.

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