Nerf Blast Fire DX 500

Nerf Blast Fire DX 500

Nerf Blast Fire DX 500 Quick Facts

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Ammo capacity:5 darts
Range:50-55 feet
Released: 2001

The Nerf Blast Fire DX 500 is one of the best blasters Nerf has ever produced.

The Nerf Blast Fire is a semi-automatic pump blaster that can fire off five rounds in less than four seconds. The six pump:five shot ratio is fantastic, and the Blast Fire boasts the rare combination of accuracy, distance, and durability.

It’s impressive to see the Nerf Blast Fire shoot five rounds 50 feet with pinpoint accuracy. You’d be doing yourself a favor to pick one of these up.

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OrangeSmithJanuary 15, 2010 at 3:17 pm

Just warning you guys, the backpressure chambers of the Blastfire are quite fragile, almost as much as the Hornet’s.Folks, this is NOT an especially durable gun, so don’t go whining when a barrel or two stops working.That’s just the nature of this and all backpressure guns.But, this is in fact a respectable gun, although it is outclassed by Lanard’s Big Salvo.


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