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nerf capture the flag

Nerf Capture the Flag Quick Facts

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Series: Dart Tag Guns
Ammo capacity: 6 darts
Released: Unknown

The Dart Tag Capture the Flag set is a great Nerf set, and its an absolute blast to play especially in close quarters.

The capture the flag set comes with two dart tag blasters one orange and one green as well as six darts (3 orange and 3 green). It also comes with 2 vests that the velcro dart tag darts stick to, as well as two pairs of safety glasses and an electronic flag.

The flag is the defining feature of the Capture the Flag set, and its really pretty cool. Rather than just drop in a regular flag like you might find in a flag football set, Nerf has created an electronic flag that really is more of a beacon. The flag looks something like a small camping lantern, and it supports two modes of play. Each game mode has a separate slot on the sliding button, so its very easy to select which game you want to play.

1. Central flag. This is your most traditional version of capture the flag. The objective is to get the flag back to your home base. Whenever the flag is moved, an alarm will sound.

If you are shot while carrying the flag, you have to drop it where you stand. You cannot move or shoot until the count of ten, giving your opponent a chance to pick it up. If you are shot at any other point during the game, you have to freeze for ten seconds.

Whoever gets the flag back to their base is the winner. Games are generally short but very intense.

2. Seek and Disarm. In Seek and Disarm, your objective is to disarm the flag before time runs out. The flag is disarmed by holding down the start and stop button until the flag declares you the winner.

This game is generally played with one team playing turtle defense, and the other team playing strategic offense. Ideally, what you want to do is freeze all defenders at the same time so that you can run in and disarm the flag before the timer runs out.

The flag supports both 5 and 15 minute game modes.

In short, if youre looking for a way to have fun around the house on a rainy day, you wont regret the Nerf Capture the Flag set. It may not satisfy the most hardcore of Nerfers, but everyone else should be happy with it.

Note to parents: These are among the easiest Nerf guns for little kids to operate, as it doesnt require a lot of strength to use. However, if youre giving these to a little kid, Id recommend that you replace the velcro dart tag darts with suction cup ones. Theyre just a little bit safer:)

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Tyler Durden January 3, 2011 at 10:28 am

great value! the glasses are really cool and make my vision better, especially indoors. would be better if it came with more bullets as each gun can hold 5 but come with 3.


Jack March 30, 2011 at 5:48 pm

I wish it came with more darts to i think its a good backup gun


Dan August 9, 2011 at 1:34 pm

Cool, finally our wars can have some kind of objective.


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