Nerf Missile Blaster

Nerf Missile Blaster

Nerf Missile Blaster Quick Facts

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Series: Original Nerf
Ammo capacity: 1 dart
Range: 35-40 feet
Released: Unknown

The Nerf Missile Blaster was the first missile weapon that Nerf ever made. The body of the Missile Blaster is nice and compact, and its pump-fired, which is nice.

The biggest drawback to the Nerf Missile Blaster is that its very difficult to shoot accurately when youre pulling the pump towards your body. As you know, missiles are woefully inaccurate themselves, so its pretty tough to be on target with the Missile Blaster.

The blaster is great for combat in tight quarters, but its difficult to hit anything beyond that.

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Articwulf December 1, 2009 at 8:53 am

This was a awesome little launcher, you could get some serious distance with this bad boy! But you would be lucky to hit the broadside of a barn. Fun but not really practicle in the whole aiming thing. I owned three of them.


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