Nerf Buzzsaw

Nerf Buzzsaw

Nerf Buzzsaw Quick Facts

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Series:Ball Blasters
Ammo capacity:3 balls
Range:20-25 feet
Released: Unknown

The Nerf Buzzsaw is a lot like the Nerf Ripsaw that was released way back in 1995.

I guess you could call the Buzzsaw an upgrade of the Ripsaw, but it seems to me that it’s little more than a repackaging of the old weapon.

My complaint about the Ripsaw was that it was way too loud, and unfortunately the Nerf Buzzsaw doesn’t address that problem. Yup, you’ll still have a better chance of sneaking up on someone with an activated hairdryer in your hand.

Regardless, the Buzzsaw is fun to play with, so long as you have some extra ammo. Chasing after your three rounds every time you shoot is exactly as much fun as you think it would be.

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