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Nerf N-Strike Rapid Fire Raider CS-35

n-strike raider cs-35 nerf gun
N-Strike Raider CS-35 Nerf Gun

The Nerf N-Strike Rapid Fire Raider CS-35 came out this week, and I’ve finally had enough time to play around with it to write a review.

The N-Strike Raider CS-35 features a 35-dart magazine. The magazine is detachable, and though I haven’t seen any replacement magazines for sale as of yet, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be able to swap out your empty magazine for a fully loaded one. An additional bonus is that the magazine on the CS-35 is compatible with the Nerf Longshot and Recon.

The Raider CS-35 also features two firing modes — single fire, and slam fire. If you’re considering buying this Nerf gun, chances are, you’re most interested in the slam fire mode.

To use slam fire mode, you just have to hold down the trigger and pump the front grip. Each time you pump the grip, the Raider fires a dart. At first, performing this motion is a little awkward, and you’ll probably have some accuracy problems when you first get the gun from shaking it while pumping. However, it only takes a little practice until you’re able to hold the gun steady while pumping.

The rate of fire on the Rapid Fire Raider CS-35 is awesome. I’m averaging about 2.5 shots per second, which is a lot of fun. Of course, that means you can unload the entire magazine in about 12 seconds, so you’re going to spend a lot of time refilling the magazine. This is a small price to pay in my opinion, because this very well may be the most fun Nerf gun I’ve played with.

The range on the Raider is better than I expected, given the firing mechanism of the gun. You can expect to routinely hit anywhere from 25-30 feet. I haven’t had a chance to mod mine yet, but I’ve been told that removing the air restrictor can add about 10 feet to the range. This seems believable to me, as the internals look very similar to the Recon, which gets a similar boost from air restrictor removal.

All in all, I’m extremely happy with the Nerf N-Strike Rapid Fire CS-35. It’s one of the most unique guns that Nerf has ever made, the construction is solid, and it’s an absolute blast to unload.


The Nerf N-Strike Raider CS-35 will be coming to a store near you this fall.

This Nerf Tommy Gun looks really promising. It features a 35 dart magazine that you can empty in either single shot or automatic mode.

The N-Strike Raider CS-35 will cost $35 (yup, that’s one dollar per dart that the magazine holds). No official word yet on whether you buy new magazines to pop in and out, but here’s hoping.

One thing’s for sure: we’re really going to have to stock up on ammo, as I know for a fact that I will lose at least 34 of the 35 darts in about…well…35 minutes.

Regardless, I want wait to pump my friends full of darts while yelling ‘keep the change you filthy animal!’

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62 comments to Nerf N-Strike Rapid Fire Raider CS-35

  • Jeffrey

    It looks lik an awesome gun!

  • ashton nazeri

    its not cs-35, its cs-6. i would just buy the clip and use it o my recon cuz you can do that

  • firefly rules

    pretty cool. drum looks weird

  • timtam

    This gun looks frikin awsome.i cheked out the fiering on youtube its amazing.but there is one little disedvatig the reloding you have to load 35 in a sort time to get back in the fight

  • ben

    totaly going to get it when it comes out.chek out firing on youtube

  • Nerf Wonder

    Sweet! But it looks kinda huge

  • Timo

    i might preorder it

  • Nerf Rocks!!!

    Did you guys know that right now (Aug 10, 2009)it is on ebay???

    It comes out 9/9/09

  • picarius

    It’s the equivalent of almost six full longshot/recon clips. I don’t think you’ll need to reload that much.

    And you can probably just keep spare longshot/recon clips in your pocket.

  • ashton nazeri

    you guys are weird. you rated it the best but you dont even know how it shoots.

  • Lpmsly

    This gun was at my local walmart store yesterday for about 37$, so it must be released! Anyway, here’s what i found out:

    1 The clip on the raider fits into longshots and recons.

    2 It is pump action, BUT you can pump it a bunch of times and then shoot of fully auto-matic action.

    It looks fairly reliable so I hope to buy it sometime.

  • Animod

    Ok well I happen to have this gun. Don’t ask how. But it is a really good gun and the only drawback I happened to have with it is it does tend to jam up every once in a while which leads to taking the drum out and firing the round in it then re-inserting the drum. good for about 12 more shots then all over again. I gave it a 9 but would have been a ten if automatic and didnt jam up. Best nerf gun I’ve ever played with and I have most of the n-strike guns.

  • Cracker

    looks nice cant wait 4 it 2 come out

  • Jack

    looks so cool!Would be better if they got rid of the drum and made it spring action instead of pump

  • Animod

    it is spring though….

  • sean

    this is one bad ass gun im gunna save up for that shit

  • cow

    im going to get it in a competition if i win..2009 30 august

  • LOUiec3

    I already have one thanks to target employees who don’t read the box. I also got it for only 29.99.

  • Animod

    lol at LOUiec3. they dont seem to understand discontinued do they.

  • Adrian

    I already have this gun due to a mess up at a Target store in Michigan. This gun is an absolute beast in close quarters situation, especially if you treat it like a shotgun.

    Modders, this is the gun for you!

  • first day it comes out im going to get it and hope its what i expected of it.

  • Animod

    is that the adrian i know. who got his from superman.. walmart has a sign up that says better stock up on ammo. raider released 9/9/09

  • this gun is very good. firing 35 darts and the stock is comfortable. i give it a 10/10. best nerf n-strike gun that uses streamlines so far. and a very good gun as good as rapid fire as-20. and to let you know there is no spartan ncs-12 or semperfire rf-200

  • Lynkses

    Dude Great Gun
    Totaly would be better if not pump powered

  • this gun looks good but arent you sure its gona jam with stream line darts

  • Animod

    yeah it jams every now and then. just pump it fast instead of slow and you have not so many jams… that and dont let the drum be so tight so it doesnt just keep trying to push them instead of going on a natural rotation

  • quiggles

    the army should have a gun that looks and fires exactly like that one

  • nerf rules

    Lol I can’t believe its on ebay already

  • LOOKS AWSOME!!!!Im going to shoot up
    [sneak attack] my freinds on my moped!!!!

  • Awesomepants

    -Uhh… The army should fight with nerf guns…? We’re effed.

  • Vincent Wong

    This gun sucks. The maggazine jams the gun so that the firing would only go about 20 feet. It is even worse than the night finder!

  • Well, looks cool, wondeer how it will shoot.
    HTML TAG TEEEST (What kind of tags!?)
    Fail or not!?
    I’m hoping this gun is as good as the Vulcan.

  • Hey you guys this thing is awesome!!!

    I’m getting it tomorrow!!!

    Press the link:

  • Mat and wyatt

    looks cool

  • Chuck

    Well, The gun isnt supposed to be out yet.Though, the explanation is really simple.The guy at Hasbro in charge of expedition send the guns to early to the stores, and they are selling them before the release date. So you can get one to wal mart right now if you want.

  • I just picked one up today at Walmart ($34) and am enjoying it immensely. It comes with 100 darts, so I ‘ll need some refill clips to make use of the extra.

    Reloading is my only complaint since reloading each of the 35 darts is slow and I’m open to retaliation.

  • Animod

    yeah walmart has them for 34 bux but target has them for 30 for those wanting to save alittle bit of money. either way definitely not a gun to miss

  • I bought it and it is awsome . has a $5.00 off coupon to print off for any gun over $19.99 but the gun is a pain to reload it is best to have some backup weapons with you in a battle such as the maverick (I’m not saying the maverick should only be a backup weapon) , the crossfire , or something else that is easy to reload . it is also about the size of the recon (not including the drum). it’s a sweet gun.

  • to shoot all you have to do is hold down the trigger and cock it as fast as you can no batteries needed

  • Crent

    Lol, Home Alone refrence at the end.

  • Mac

    I got the Raider, its sweet, its range is just amazing, so far i only got 2 darts jammed.

    I did a nerf war with the Raider vs Recon and Raider woN!

  • Jeffrey

    You’ve got to love this, it’s already at my target!!

  • Mikey Silva

    Can’t wait to try this one.

    By the way:
    Nice ref to “Angels with Filthy Souls”… “Home Alone” for the win! LOL

  • CS-6er

    Looks awesome. I gotta go buy 1.

  • patty

    Funny, with the recon, you can cock it back, and swing it with out the magazine, and it cocks forward, but with this one, you can do that with the magazine!

  • patty

    Don’t lauugh at that, I’m serious.

  • David

    I have the gun it is not pump, its cock-action, where you cock the dang thingin front then pull the trigger for single shot mode, or you can coan hold down the trigger while cocking it to get the slam fire thingy, it gets 20- 23 feet flat, which kinda sucks, but it is worth it, and guys, ive had it for 3 weeks and it only has jammed on me 5 times, and my darts look almost no different from when i got it.

  • The gun is sweet the Rapid Fire is just extremely fast and it when shot in air goes higher than 45 ft!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have won everynerf war with it, and i just got it on 9/7/09

  • HI its me Mac and i just got this sweet raider.
    Here is a list of some good things.

    1. Best Feature: Slam Fire is Fast
    2. About 75ft range.
    3. Has the best aim with recon scope to look throo
    4. The Drum Magazine tells how much is left.
    5. Shoulder Stock is comfortable.
    6. Rail helps accuracy.

  • CS-6er

    I dont get it. David, you said it gets 20-23 ft. range, and Mac, you said it gets 75 ft. range. Which 1 is it?!

  • CS-6er

    I got this gun yesterday, and it’s AWESOME!! I quickly found out is that it is NOT pump-action, it is cock-action. Another thing is that the drum magazine is kind of heavy, so sometimes it messes up your aim. It is totally worth getting!!

  • ITS AWSOME!!!!!!!!

  • Thad

    In my honest opinion, this gun is a little overrated. I bought it for the drum mag, but of course a played around with it a little. It’s range really isn’t on par with the recon or longshot without their barrel attachments. Accuracy is just about on par with the recon. Rate of fire is the raiders trump card over the recon and the longshot. This is due to the fact that the gun is pump action as opposed to slide or lever action. The “slam fire” mode increases the fire rate even more, but it’s more for if your moving fast or have multiple people in your face. One issue with slam firing is that if you don’t follow through with your pumps, the pump will get locked up. This can get pretty annoying. The drum magazine is very nice, but I feel that it’s something hasbro kinda just threw on the raider as either marketing ploy or a last minute pre-production design development. I use 6 round mags on the raider cuz it feels as if the drum magazine wasn’t really made for the gun.

    All in all i have to say that it’s a pretty decent gun. It’s performance is pretty much on the recon’s level except that it’s a lot quicker to shoot than the recon. If you want the gun with the best shot I’d say go longshot, but if you want a gun with a higher rate of fire and a 35 round drum mag then go raider. If you want the gun with the best shot and a 35 round drum mag then buy the longshot and the raider. Then put the drum mag on the longshot :P .

  • raw

    YO, I jus gt da gun and the range isn’t all that good but it’s still really fun to play with on slamfire mode

  • robonl

    this thing should me battery powered automatic

  • picarius

    Yeah, I got it today. Slam-fire is a bit loud, but it’s so fun emptying the 35-dart drum in 12 seconds.

  • Chuck

    75 feet Stock is impossible to get.Heavilly modded i suppose it would be possible, but stock its just impossible.

    Impatient to get one.

  • hahaha

    its cool but the pumping of the handle makes it tiring for your hand.

  • McCann Can Triple

    The only gripe I really have is the pump handle has a tendency to get stuck/jammed if you don’t use enough force.

  • CS-6er

    One way to get it to jam less isto push up on the handle when you’re cocking it.