Nerf Sneak Shot

Nerf Sneak Shot

Nerf Sneak Shot Quick Facts

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Series:Nerf Action
Ammo capacity:1 dart
Range:30-35 feet
Released: 1994

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘man it would be cool if I could shoot people around corners?’ I know that I have at least never once. Thankfully, the good people at Nerf anticipated our needs and made a barely functional weapon to address them.

The Nerf Sneak Shot comes with a mirror and a bendable barrel. Cool, eh? Now you can bend the barrel around the corner and see where you’re aiming with the mirror! Ingenious!

Only problem is, the mirror falls off all the time. Also (and I know this will come at a shock) if you bend the barrel of a gun, the velocity drastically decreases!!!

Even with the Nerf Sneak Shot, your chances of shooting someone from around the corner are zero, which happens to equal your chances of shooting someone from around the corner with any other gun.

In short, you’ll be no worse off without the Sneak Shot.

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fogbot3September 25, 2010 at 2:12 pm

I’ve beaten someone with a recon while I had the sneak shot so it isn’t the worst nerf gun


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