Nerf SuperMAXX 250 Dart Blaster

The <b>Nerf SuperMAXX 250 Dart Blaster</b> is an upgrade to the <a href=

Nerf SuperMAXX 250 Dart Blaster Quick Facts

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Ammo capacity:4 darts
Range:20-25 feet
Released: 1998

The Nerf SuperMAXX 250 Dart Blaster is an upgrade to the Nerf Rocketstorm.

The two most important upgrades on the SuperMAXX 250 are the addition of a trigger (yay for accuracy) and an automatically rotating barrel.

The Dart Blaster doesn’t have particularly good range when compared to larger guns, but it hits about 25 feet, which is pretty solid for its size.

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PhantomAugust 4, 2009 at 6:36 am

It was a nice shooter when it came out but it hasn’t held up too well. The grip has a tendency to cut into your hand after a few minutes. It’s a fairly light and accurate dartgun but the catch and spring on the cocking arm has stopped holding with age, not use. It can only be primed and fired once before it refuses to hold anymore. Time to crack it open.


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