Nerf Switch Shot EX-3

Switch Shot EX-3 Nerf Gun

Nerf Switch Shot EX-3 Quick Facts

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Series:Nerf N Strike
Ammo capacity:1 dart
Range:20-25 feet
Released: 2008

The Nerf N-Strike Switch Shot EX-3 can be bought on its own or as part of a bundle with the Nerf N-Strike Wii game.

The Switch Shot EX-3 gets its name from the fact that you can switch between using it as a regular Nerf gun or as a Wii Remote. It’s undeniably cool to have a real Nerf gun that can be used as a remote for a Wii game, and if you’re looking for a gun-type accessory for the Wii, you can’t go wrong with the Switch Shot. It’s definitely the best there is, but truth be told, it makes a better Wii remote than a blaster.

The biggest drawback of the Switch Shot as a blaster is that you can only load a single Nerf dart at a time. Now, there’s definitely a time and place for single shot guns, but in this day and age where many modern Nerf guns are utilizing a clip system, the SwitchShot just feels outdated.

The range and accuracy also leave a lot to be desired, even for a single shot blaster. Of course, there are many modifications that you can make to the SwitchShot to increase its range, but even then, it’s difficult to recommend over superior singleshot guns like the Nite Finder.

Also, let’s be clear about one thing: The Switch Shot is not cheap, and there are many other choices that will bring you more bang for your buck (see the Raider or Longshot for example). In the end, there  really isn’t any reason to buy the Switch Shot as a standalone product, especially when the Nite Finder gets much better performance, is more easily modifiable, and can be bought for a fraction of the price.

Ultimately, the N-Strike Switch Shot EX-3 makes a fun remote to use when you want to shoot things on the Wii, but as a standalone blaster of Nerf’s other offerings.

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RavicaleFebruary 15, 2010 at 9:15 pm

I have this gun and it shoot about 30 feet stock but its HEAVY compared to my other nerf pistols and I found you can shoot darts without the main body part just pull back the handle thing that cocks it but do it three quarters of the way and release it fires about halve the range but its funny.


WWJEREMYMay 10, 2010 at 8:26 pm

Great blaster. Actually, I thought the range wasn’t that bad. Bad for modding, but out of the box it will shoot nearly as well as the maverick.


samwil2011May 20, 2010 at 4:44 am

This blaster can shoot much futher then my other guns (maverick,nite-finder,rader,vulcan + more) and I would say it would shot futher then my soon to cume nerf longstrike.


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