Nerf Triple Strike

Nerf Triple Strike

Nerf Triple Strike Quick Facts

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Series:Airjet Power Guns
Ammo capacity:3 arrows
Range:55-60 feet
Released: 1999

The Nerf Triple Strike is a fantastic Nerf arrow weapon.

The Triple Strike can hold up to three arrows. The trigger has three different “catch” areas. Pulling the trigger back to the first catch area will fire the first arrow, the second catch area will fire the second, and so on. In other words, you can fire off three arrows without having to release the trigger. That’s pretty sweet.

The Nerf Triple Strike boasts some very nice specs, including a sixty foot range and very nice accuracy that you rarely see on an arrow weapon.

The downside is that it takes thirty pumps to fully prime the Triple Strike, so depending on your needs, the rate of fire may not be acceptable.

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